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All sorts of nothing.

Some photos from around the house, as I listen to Wye Oak (just discovered them this evening; definitely worth checking out).

I’m trying a new way of putting comments under my photos because, quite simply, WordPress dislikes me and won’t let me format my posts how I want them.

A custom order of document wallets for my aunt. Possibly my favourite design of paper yet.

Love my new one-cup coffee maker. £5 in the sale, what a bargain!

The first of my garden peas. I am so excited that they actually grew.

So proud of myself, haha.

Thai squash curry (with my petit pois) - this was a.maz.ing.

I’m going to Liverpool tomorrow, and then to Alton Towers; see you at the weekend!
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[Edit: sorry about the random formatting in this post; I cannot get the pictures and text to be at harmony, so I had to centre some of the photos.]

When I was a kid, I used to love filling our bird-table with breadcrumbs and water.  From what I remember, it looked something like this:

I love bird-tables.  And bird houses.
TK Maxx have some reallllly nice bird houses at the moment; any time I go in I just want to buy some, but I have nowhere I could put them.  I don’t even have anywhere to put a bird-table, which is pretty rubbish.  Maybe I could get something to hang at the kitchen window (but wouldn’t birds peck at the glass…?) like this…

Anyway, I wanted to share some cool bird houses and feeders that I love.
Just because.

Look at these little birdies having a picnic…

This one is just amazing:

Those ones are all so pretty, but in reality I should probably just make my own, like this…

Serves the purpose, right?

[All images sourced from Google and are not my own]

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Top three.

Today’s post is a bit random (like the rest of them aren’t…?).  I’m just going to pick a few categories and list my current ‘top three’ of that thing.  Wow, excellent sentence structure for you there.

Top three books…
1.  The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky
2.  A Wolf at The Table by Augusten Burroughs
3.  The Night Watch by Sarah Waters

Top three songs…
1.  Hang With Me by Robyn
2.  Difficulty by KT Tunstall
3.  Bari Improv by Kaki King

Top three blogs…
1.  Whatever by Meg Duerksen
2.  Under the Sycamore by AshleyAnn
3.  Mila’s Daydreams by Adele Enerson

Top three texts in my inbox at the moment…
1.  Suzie
2.  Dad
3.  Jay

Top three snacks…
1.  Ginger biscuits from Ikea
2.  Transform-a-Snacks (yes, I am a child.  You can build cars from them!)
3.  Mandarins

Top three nicknames I get called…
1.  Nomi
2.  JoyJoy
3.  Gnome

Top three Twitter-ers…
1.  @SkyNewsBreak
2.  @KTTunstall
3.  @designsponge

Top three room decorations…
1.  Fairy lights
2.  Bunting/garlands
3.  Photo collages

Top three things I’m looking forward to this week…
1.  My sister coming to stay on Friday
2.  Meeting friends for cocktails tomorrow night
3.  My birthday ‘party’ :)

Top three photos I’ve taken…



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