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[Edit: sorry about the random formatting in this post; I cannot get the pictures and text to be at harmony, so I had to centre some of the photos.]

When I was a kid, I used to love filling our bird-table with breadcrumbs and water.  From what I remember, it looked something like this:

I love bird-tables.  And bird houses.
TK Maxx have some reallllly nice bird houses at the moment; any time I go in I just want to buy some, but I have nowhere I could put them.  I don’t even have anywhere to put a bird-table, which is pretty rubbish.  Maybe I could get something to hang at the kitchen window (but wouldn’t birds peck at the glass…?) like this…

Anyway, I wanted to share some cool bird houses and feeders that I love.
Just because.

Look at these little birdies having a picnic…

This one is just amazing:

Those ones are all so pretty, but in reality I should probably just make my own, like this…

Serves the purpose, right?

[All images sourced from Google and are not my own]

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