All sorts of nothing.

Some photos from around the house, as I listen to Wye Oak (just discovered them this evening; definitely worth checking out).

I’m trying a new way of putting comments under my photos because, quite simply, WordPress dislikes me and won’t let me format my posts how I want them.

A custom order of document wallets for my aunt. Possibly my favourite design of paper yet.

Love my new one-cup coffee maker. £5 in the sale, what a bargain!

The first of my garden peas. I am so excited that they actually grew.

So proud of myself, haha.

Thai squash curry (with my petit pois) - this was

I’m going to Liverpool tomorrow, and then to Alton Towers; see you at the weekend!
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One thought on “All sorts of nothing.

  1. PamPam says:

    I love it that your posts consist of food, drink, food, craft and food! Very impressed with the home grown peas.

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