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More excuses.

Here I go, apologising for another long break from blogging.
I moved out of my shared house, into a lovely wee apartment with Jay.  It is really really lovely, and we even have a pool/gym/sauna in the building.  Snazzy.
Anyway, despite all its loveliness, we have no Internet or TV.  The TV I can live without no problem, but the Internet is another story.  I am struggling, friends.
I am currently sitting in The Slug & Lettuce (where Jay works) trying to make my cup of coffee last as long as possible while I use the free WiFi to download some programmes on iPlayer, get some more music on Spotify, check my email, and blog.
I forgot to bring my memory card to edit photos, so all I have to share are my latest Instagrams.

While packing up to move, I found every copy of The Demon (my university’s newspaper) that I’ve written for (and been News Editor of).  When I took the photo it seemed like a lot less than it looked like in person, but either way, that’s a lot of work right there.

The view from our new apartment.

A rainy morning after a late night at work, so the only answer was coffee in bed.

I finally got around to starting this book.

Tomato and mozzarella stacks I made for our mini-flatwarming.

Preparing a brie & grape salad.  Yum yum.

Grape & apple pasta salad.  I will be posting my recipe for this soon.  I also started a new hashtag with this photo – #adventuresinweightloss – to try and be more accountable for what I eat.  I post so many photos of food in Instagram, so I’m hoping to use this hashtag to encourage myself (and others) to be honest about what I’m eating.  I need a swift kick to get back into healthy eating!  Feel free to join me with using this hashtag :)

Canal boats on the Soar River.  One of my favourite things :)

Not bad for having ‘nothing in the fridge’.

Happy Tuesday!

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Today I have been packing to head home for Christmas.  As you may, or may not, know, my parents live in an Internet-deprived area (hey government, what happened to that pledge to make sure all rural areas had access to the Internet?), which means no blogging from me for a couple of weeks.

This is what I’ll be reading over Christmas, it’s for one of my modules at university.  I’ve not heard great things about it, but I’m yet to start it so I’ll keep an open mind… for now.

I refilled this coffee mug many times.

Putting off packing; suitcase not even been opened yet at this stage.  Getting it out from the cupboard under the stairs was hard enough.

Listening to ‘Love Love Love’ by Avalanche City quite a few times.  It’s a lovely song, I recommend you listen to it.  I also recommend that you ignore my dirty laptop screen.

I made a last-minute costume for the murder mystery dinner my mum is hosting next week.  So excited!

Finally got around to packing.
After all that procrastinating busyness, I treated myself to a glass of wine and Love Actually.  It was wonderful.
I hope you have a fantastic Christmas :)  I, for one, am looking forward to an open fire, dancing with my sisters in the kitchen to the radio, bruschetta on Christmas Eve, hot Rekorderlig, and dragging someone out to play in the snow.

Naomi x

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Photo dump.

Photos taken on my phone…

1. Christmas bunting I made for my sisters.  Probably shouldn’t post it here because I don’t know if either of them have received it yet…
2. Very cool car parked outside the Co-op.  Love that colour!
3. Fairy lights in a Kilner jar. Easy Christmas decoration :)
4. Coffee on the road.
5. Bill Bailey live at DeMontfort Hall.
6. Cards I sent out last week.
7. I tried out the new foam hair dye from Live. Pretty impressed with it; my hair came out a really vibrant colour (purple, as usual)

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Thailand [2: A Spoonful of Sugar]

[Edit: it has taken me almost two weeks to get this post up. Still having photo-upload issues, so this post was completed through the magic of folder-sharing using Jay’s shiny new Air. I love Macs!]

Hello! I am back with more photos from Thailand…

After our disappointment of A Spoonful of Sugar being closed, Mum and I went back a few days later. And then again the next day… and the next.
It did not let us down.
Suzie, I so wish you had been able to come with us, you would LOVE it.  Anyone would!

Using their Wi-Fi to Skype Dad back home.

I truly loved this little place.
Anyone going to Phuket, you should stop here! It’s between Rawai and Nai Harn, south Phuket. The owner (Ploy, I believe her name is) makes all the cakes herself by hand, which is kind of hard to believe when you see them all lined up in the little fridge; they look so professional.  There is no official website for A Spoonful of Sugar, but its TripAdvisor reviews tell you all you need to know.

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All sorts of nothing.

Some photos from around the house, as I listen to Wye Oak (just discovered them this evening; definitely worth checking out).

I’m trying a new way of putting comments under my photos because, quite simply, WordPress dislikes me and won’t let me format my posts how I want them.

A custom order of document wallets for my aunt. Possibly my favourite design of paper yet.

Love my new one-cup coffee maker. £5 in the sale, what a bargain!

The first of my garden peas. I am so excited that they actually grew.

So proud of myself, haha.

Thai squash curry (with my petit pois) - this was a.maz.ing.

I’m going to Liverpool tomorrow, and then to Alton Towers; see you at the weekend!
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What’s in your bag?

I’ve seen ‘what’s in your bag’ posts done quite a few times and I think they are quite interesting; it’s an insight into a person to see what’s in his/her bag.
Here is my current day-to-day bag, which was a present from my sister’s boyfriend Alex. And yes, I photographed it in the bathroom…


















Doing this post was a good reason to clear out my bag, haha.
So, here are the contents of my bag, minus the receipts and wrappers which are now in the bin, and my camera, which isn’t pictured for obvious reasons.

What’s in your bag?  Link up if you do a similar post!

Tomorrow I’m going back to my parents’ house in Northern Ireland until Sunday, so as usual, no Internet means no blogging.
See you next week :)

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Getting there.

I have almost finished my last assignment (due at midday tomorrow).
I have an exam next week, and then I am officially finished second year.

I have been living in the library since I got back after Easter.

These were my library supplies for today.
[The stars are to block out my basin full of dishes…]

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I got excited when I saw these in Sainsbury’s (I’d never seen them before)… then I saw the price.

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My mum is coming!

I am trying to cram in a week’s worth of uni work in about an hour and a half.
I won’t get any done the rest of this week,

My mum is coming to visit!

She is currently in the air, zooming over at x-thousand feet, soon to land in very cold England.
Mum, I hope you packed a coat.

I am so excited :)
I reckon we’ll spend most of our time shopping, drinking coffee and shopping some more.

We’re going to go and visit Steph, my sister, on Friday (she goes to uni a few hours north of where I live).

Steph will kill me for this photo, but I love her enthusiasm :)

Both of the pictures were taken at Portstewart Strand (the best beach in Northern Ireland) at the end of Summer 2009.
That day is one of my happiest family memories.

Anyway, if I don’t post for several days you know why.
Hope you all (who am I talking to? myself?) have a great weekend :)

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Stationery :)

I know I’ve blogged about this before, but I can’t help it…

I love stationery

Folksy (the British version of Etsy) has some fantastic stationery items.
I want to spend hundreds (okay, thousands) of pounds on all the beautiful items I look at for hours.
Some people are so talented.

Cute birdie stamps from Skull and Cross Buns

Beaut Christmas card from Canny Belle

Heart bookmarks by Asking For Trouble

Owl card and baby onesie cards from LoveMaisy

Adorable envelopes from Lily P Chic

Apple and pear card, and heart stickers from Little Bird Too

I’m so happy just looking at all of this!

P.S. I had my first Christmas coffee of the season yesterday :) Christmas in a cup never fails to make me smile.

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