Growing my hair.

Have you ever grown your hair out?
I have not.  Not until now.
Ugh, I hate it.  I just want my hair to be at the length I want it at without all this annoying growing-out business.

I love having my hair short, and I’m not even growing it that long, but my hair grows so slowly, and it’s so frustrating.
This is my hair at its shortest over the past year…

And now I’m bored of it and there isn’t really anything else I could do to it that I haven’t already done, aside from shaving it all off.

This is the way I want it again, rewind three years…


And this is my hair as of right now (I took these photos five minutes ago)…

I know it’s quite hard to see because my hair is dark and the lighting in my room is bad, but you get the idea.  It’s a mess.  Two years of cutting it myself has taken its toll.
Every morning when I fix my hair I am so tempted to just cut it again, it is so annoying at this length.
I have no idea when it’ll be long enough to get it cut back into that tapered style, could be months and months :(

I’ll post another collage like the one above to keep track of my hair as it grows.

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4 thoughts on “Growing my hair.

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