Jay made me a lemon cake for my birthday.  It didn’t last long.

Not being the partying type, we hung out at the hostel for my birthday, eating cake and playing pool with all our new friends.  It was lovely :)

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Autumn is definitely here.  Oh sorry, I mean fall.
It’s much colder than Autumn in the UK, but much more beautiful.  Despite the rain, the leaves don’t seem to go all mushy and slippery, and as someone who slipped on leaves-turned-into-paste-by-the-rain quite frequently during my tech days, I am very happy to see the leaves still bright and happy and cheery.

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2 thoughts on “Leaves.

  1. hattie92 says:

    I’m really glad I found your blog (even though I have just spent the last hour reading it when I should be working on my dissertation)! I intend to head off to Canada after I graduate next year and this has provided some much needed inspiration. I hope you’re having an amazing time!

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