Thailand [3: Promthep Cape]

In Phuket, by the sea, the sunsets are amazing.  I know sunsets can be incredible wherever you are, particularly if you are fortunate enough to watch as the sun slowly slides down the sky and dips below the straight horizon.
The official sunset viewpoint in Rawai is very touristy, and to be honest it’s not as amazing as you may expect.  One of the owners of our villa recommended that instead of going to the official viewpoint, we go to Promthep Cape, his personal favourite place to be when the sun goes down.  It’s much quieter and a lot more secluded.  The steep and windy journey up to the cape was a bit hazardous on our wee mopeds, but it was worth it.
We went a few times because it was so stunning, and sometimes there would be other tourists there with camera lenses I was very envious of. My 18-55mm did its best, and considering I’d only had my DSLR a month when I took these, I’m quite happy with the shots (well the last two anyway!).


A similar shot below, but I love both. Just look at the sky changing on the second one (taken on a different day).

A very grainy shot, but it makes me laugh.



Don’t know this kid, but twenty years ago and that would have been Joel, standing on the rock with a stick.  Here he is on the rock, minus the stick…


Back soon with more photos (are you bored yet?)

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2 thoughts on “Thailand [3: Promthep Cape]

  1. PamPam says:

    These still take my breath away and I was there!!!

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