Well, I don’t actually have Instagram because there is no Android version yet, and an iPhone is just a pipe dream right now.
But yeah, here is my first attempt at an ‘Instant-day photo post’ :)



1 & 2: A parcel of yellow items to cheer my sister up.
3: Graffiti near Jay’s house that I love.
4. Carrot cake for Kat’s birthday.
5. Sewing a hotpad.
6. ‘What I Wore’, only I forgot what day it was, woops. Skirt (Tesco, about £6), black tank (H&M, £5), hoodie (my uni’s hoodie, £22), shoes (Toms, £40). I need to start actually doing this properly. Do remind me, please.
7. Making lettered bunting for Chloe, Olivia and Jay’s living room.

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