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Let’s talk about food.

I started writing this post in the summer, and never finished it, never posted it, never committed to it.  I’m going to post what I had originally written, and then continue from there.


I’ve been debating writing this post for a while now.
When it comes to food/nutrition/diet, I’m reluctant to blog about it, because frankly, I never stick at anything for very long, and I don’t want to publicly embarrass myself by blogging about it and then giving up on it.  But here goes.

A few months ago, I read a couple of books (Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer and Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin) which prompted me to do more research into what I eat, and how this affects me and my body.  Ultimately, after doing as much personal reading as I could, I decided to try veganism.  As I said, I never really stick at food-related changes for long, but it’s been almost four months and I am still eating 100% vegan.

I’m not going to turn this into a post about staunch veganism, or animal rights, or anything like that, because I would never try and tell anyone else what they should eat, because food is such a personal thing to each individual.  What I am saying is that this feels right for me, and it’s working for me right now.

I still have a lot to learn; I am discovering new things every day.  The biggest eye opener for me has been realising that animal products are in pretty much everything that’s in a packet or can.  I had no idea, and you know why?  Because I never looked at the back of the packet.  I never read the ingredients list, and therefore didn’t realise just how many unpronounceable things were in the food, and subsequently were in my body.

Of course, people love to have their opinions, and be very vocal about them.  I’m talking about the people who have told me that what I’m doing is unhealthy, and that there’s no way I’m getting enough protein or iron.  Funny how absolutely no one ever asked me about my protein intake until they found out I cut out animal products.  It didn’t matter that the only meat I was eating was processed and frozen, and therefore mostly devoid of nutrients.


That’s as far as I got.

It’s been almost a year since I made the decision to go vegan.  And guess what?  I am still vegan.

I am absolutely loving it.  I love the journey this decision has taken me on.  I am learning so much about food, nutrition, animal welfare, governments’ involvement in all of this, and so much more.

Since cutting animal products from my diet, my skin has improved dramatically, I sleep better, I have way more energy, I feel refreshed and somehow more alive.

I’ve become way more interested in cooking and baking, and I’m loving learning how to veganise recipes and bake without eggs and butter.

I do love a good challenge, and that’s exactly what it is to go vegan after 25 years of being a carnivore.  I’ve had to re-learn what I knew about cooking, because I learned to cook meals based on chicken and beef.  It was totally eye opening to me that I didn’t need to base a meal on meat.

I really want to get back into regular blogging, and that will hopefully involve more insight as I learn more about all this, and of course some recipes.

I’ve had many people ask me “But what do you eat?”.  I’m going to finish this post with photos of what I’ve been eating.

veganfoods1 veganfoods2 veganfoods3

Hardly starving over here, folks.

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