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More pictures of snow, essentially.

It’s a slippery hike up to our front door.

That’s me, doing what I do best: working hard.

Jay moved over to the dark side and bought a snowboard.

I learned my lesson about going up the mountain without covering up properly; my lips became really chapped and I got some nasty coldsores :(  This face/neck warmer is perfect because I can still breathe through it easily.

See that chair lift on the left there?  I went on that, yeah!  It’s pretty scary to do it for the very first time (and the second, and third time actually), but I didn’t die and that was my main objective.
Whistler Upper Village looks so festive.

The street I live on is pretty awesome.

I know it’s hard to make it out in this photo, but that is a bird sitting on Jay’s hand.  Outside my work there are a lot of trees and dozens of these birds live in the trees, and I guess over time they’ve become accustomed to being around a lot of people.  If you hold your hand out at arm’s length with a piece of food on it, the birds will come and eat right out of your hand.

This is the view out of my window as I write this evening.

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It has begun!

After much anticipation, the snow has finally begun.

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A bunch of nothing.

I don’t have much to offer today, except a few photos that never made it this far.  It snowed for a day or two, but stopped, and it’s pretty much all gone now, except at the top of the mountains.  The photo above is of Jay and the Inuksuk, with the little bit of snow that remained.

Fall continues to be beautiful.

Jay at Lost Lake; we went back again after our first trip.

– – – – – – – – – –

So maybe you’re wondering about our housing and employment situation?  I did promise an update, so I suppose I should stick to that.
Jay has managed to get three part time jobs (yes, three!), but I haven’t secured a single one yet.  I could tell you in great detail about one horrific interview experience I had, but it would only cause my anger and humiliation to rise up again, and I’m managing to keep that quelled.  There are some job fairs coming up this weekend so I will put on my brave face and hope to get something there.  We did arrive a bit too early; October and November are known as ‘shoulder season’ here because it’s the dead period between seasons.  It seems to be picking up slowly now as regards jobs, so hopefully I will get something soon.

In better news, we have a place to live!  We will be living with seven other people that we met while living at the hostel in Whistler.  The house is amazing, and I can’t wait to finally unpack.  I’m pretty sure I will find items of clothing at the bottom of my suitcase that I’d forgotten I even owned.  We move in on October 31st; until then we are staying in an apartment owned by a lovely girl who happened to have a spare room for a couple of weeks.  Once we are settled into the big house I will share photos of it and share my house-hunting experience for anyone yet to embark on that adventure.

I’m off to make my CV (I mean, resume) shine:

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After the disappointment of a no-snow Christmas, we finally got some.  Quite a lot actually.  About six weeks late.

Boots and furry hat on; time to go outside. Tori was obviously too excited, and forgot to put on a coat.

The river was frozen over (you can just see it behind the bridge railings).  It looked amazing, but I felt sorry for the swans and ducks.  Turns out they were happy enough; when I walked over the bridge the next morning they were sitting on top of the ice.

It was so nice to see people out in the park.  In the summer, this park is hiving with students lying on blankets and playing music.


This photo reminded me of one I took in Chicago three years ago (below).  Immediately I realise there is no comparison, haha…


I have no idea why Jay is sitting in the middle of the road.

Apologies for all the photos being grainy and dark; by the time I woke up the next day it wasn’t nearly as nice looking.
And now, another 24 hours later, it is mostly grey slush :(

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Christmas photos.

And some photos from last Christmas that I just found on my phone…

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I can’t lie; I took this photo last Christmas on my phone, and I love it so much that I’m using it to help me catch up with the photo advent calendar :)

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