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Heartstrings (Craft DIY)

A really easy, and practically free, Valentine’s decoration is a vertical heart garland, or a ‘heartstring’ as I’ve decided to call mine.

Get a magazine or a bunch of flyers that you don’t want, and cut out lots of heart shapes, in any size. Mine has eighteen hearts.
Line them all up vertically, and if you have a sewing machine then just feed them through it.  If, like me, your sewing machine is at your parents’ house and you are at university, a simple needle and thread will work fine.  Just make a stitch in each heart, connecting it to the next.
Hang it up.  I really want some Japanese masking tape but it’s too expensive and not locally available, so I just used blue tack, which I will cover with another heart (at some point)

You might want to make a dozen or so, they are pretty addictive, and so, so easy.
I think they’d look good with a bunch of them, all different lengths, hung up together.

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Notebook [Craft DIY]

I got this plain notebook from Paperchase a while ago…

… and after deliberating for quite some time about what to do with it, I decided to jazz it up a bit and give it as a Christmas gift…

(Those are the initials of the recipient)

Tie it up with a nice pen…

Easy peasy but cute :)

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Looks like I’m having a wonderful advent, eh?

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A whole lot of nothing.

You know how I am the [co] News Editor of my university’s newspaper?
You can see the latest issue online (if you are interested).
Click here and have a wee read :)  (if you clickety click for a while you can see an awful photograph of me on the second page of Meet the Team)

I really want to make this comfort chicken

and this peach dessert

and this Christmassy hot chocolate

followed by a movie and this peppermint popcorn

But alas, I have an assignment to do :(

Blog posts seem so dull without a photo, so here is one I took on my phone on my way home from uni the other day…

Maybe it’s not that funny, but I found it hilarious (except for the bad grammar, that is never a joke!)

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Student decor (DIY)

As you know, I’m a student.  This year I am living in a house with two friends, but we don’t have much money to decorate or spruce the place up.  So, I made some paper flowers to start off the cheap student decor.  I originally saw this idea on How Does She, but amended it to suit what I have.  It sucks not having most of my craft stash at uni, but I can deal.

1. Cut out different sized circles from newspaper or paper printed with text.  I used pages from a book I got for free but didn’t want (sci-fi…).  Pile them up, largest ones at the bottom.

2.  Sew a few rough stitches through the centre of the pile to hold them all together.  I’m not showing a picture of my sewing because it is shameful.

3.  Paint the topside of the ‘flower’.  I used watercolours so it wouldn’t be too heavy and so the words were still visible.

4.  Dry off with a hairdryer (my heat gun is at home) and let the edges curl up.

5.  Shuffle the layers around a bit to show some unpainted sections and ruffle the edges for a raw-ish kind of look.

6.  Pin it up to brighten up your student house.

7.  Make six hundred more.

I also painted some in block colours which is just as effective.

We can’t repaint or anything like that because we are renting this house, but any ideas on inexpensive and unobtrusive home decoration are very welcome; I have a lot more to do before I’m happy with the place!

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