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What’s in your bag?

I’ve seen ‘what’s in your bag’ posts done quite a few times and I think they are quite interesting; it’s an insight into a person to see what’s in his/her bag.
Here is my current day-to-day bag, which was a present from my sister’s boyfriend Alex. And yes, I photographed it in the bathroom…


















Doing this post was a good reason to clear out my bag, haha.
So, here are the contents of my bag, minus the receipts and wrappers which are now in the bin, and my camera, which isn’t pictured for obvious reasons.

What’s in your bag?  Link up if you do a similar post!

Tomorrow I’m going back to my parents’ house in Northern Ireland until Sunday, so as usual, no Internet means no blogging.
See you next week :)

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Notebook [Craft DIY]

I got this plain notebook from Paperchase a while ago…

… and after deliberating for quite some time about what to do with it, I decided to jazz it up a bit and give it as a Christmas gift…

(Those are the initials of the recipient)

Tie it up with a nice pen…

Easy peasy but cute :)

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Jazzing up a planner (DIY)

This is Jay.
Jay seemed to think she could get through the entire year without an academic planner.
I asked her how she remembered everything we had to do; meetings, deadlines, homework, etc.
She said “I keep it all in my mind”, however this method wasn’t working very effectively…
Cue an idea in my mind…

1. Get an academic year planner/diary, obviously available anywhere

2. Use patterned craft paper to cover the front

3. Cut out a nice little shape and glue to the end of the bookmark thingy (this is a professional DIY, clearly)

4. Add little notes to make your recipient smile/remember important deadlines

That’s it :)

Now Jay doesn’t have to keep things in her actual mind, she writes them down in her Mind.


P.S. Happy Birthday Jay :)
(This was not her birthday present, I shall be sharing that soon!)

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