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A bunch of nothing.

I don’t have much to offer today, except a few photos that never made it this far.  It snowed for a day or two, but stopped, and it’s pretty much all gone now, except at the top of the mountains.  The photo above is of Jay and the Inuksuk, with the little bit of snow that remained.

Fall continues to be beautiful.

Jay at Lost Lake; we went back again after our first trip.

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So maybe you’re wondering about our housing and employment situation?  I did promise an update, so I suppose I should stick to that.
Jay has managed to get three part time jobs (yes, three!), but I haven’t secured a single one yet.  I could tell you in great detail about one horrific interview experience I had, but it would only cause my anger and humiliation to rise up again, and I’m managing to keep that quelled.  There are some job fairs coming up this weekend so I will put on my brave face and hope to get something there.  We did arrive a bit too early; October and November are known as ‘shoulder season’ here because it’s the dead period between seasons.  It seems to be picking up slowly now as regards jobs, so hopefully I will get something soon.

In better news, we have a place to live!  We will be living with seven other people that we met while living at the hostel in Whistler.  The house is amazing, and I can’t wait to finally unpack.  I’m pretty sure I will find items of clothing at the bottom of my suitcase that I’d forgotten I even owned.  We move in on October 31st; until then we are staying in an apartment owned by a lovely girl who happened to have a spare room for a couple of weeks.  Once we are settled into the big house I will share photos of it and share my house-hunting experience for anyone yet to embark on that adventure.

I’m off to make my CV (I mean, resume) shine:

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A jumble of things.

You probably don’t care, but here is a jumble of  random little things about me…

1.  I will be twenty-three on Thursday.  23.  Two three.  Kind of mid-twenties… I’m frightened.

2. My middle name is Joy.  I’ve never really loved it to be honest, because I felt like a let down in not being super joyful all the time, but I’ve come to realise that I am joyful, in my own way :)

3.  This semester I have to read a novel per week.  I have no idea how I’m going to manage that.  The first one is The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath, which I read two years ago and hated.  I’m three-quarters of the way through it this time and don’t hate it just so much.

4.  I made soda bread this morning.  (I told you this would be random)

5.  I just walked to the post box and it is like a ghost town outside.  There are protests and riots going on in the city centre today so we were all warned to stay away.  All the shops are shut up and no one is leaving their home, even though where I live is a mile outside of the main city centre.

6.  I went out with my university’s Irish Society on Thursday night and felt like a total interloper because I don’t speak a word of Irish.  Turns out most of the other members don’t either.

7.  I really wanted to make a pizza type thing for dinner with my fresh soda bread but because the shops are closed I couldn’t get any tomato puree :(

8.  I need to get a job but this is a slight problem because nowhere is hiring.  And also, I’m hoping to get the ‘job’ of News Editor (officially this time, yet still unpaid) for my university newspaper, and this will take up any spare moment of time I may find myself with in between reading a million books.

9.  I am listening to this album on repeat this week.

10.  I am ridiculously excited to get started on my media based project for my Writing & Context module.  When it’s finished I will hopefully be able to share it here.

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