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Today I am loving colour.

It is sunny, I had a productive evening in the library and my favourite for dinner (Caesar Salad).

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Heartstrings (Craft DIY)

A really easy, and practically free, Valentine’s decoration is a vertical heart garland, or a ‘heartstring’ as I’ve decided to call mine.

Get a magazine or a bunch of flyers that you don’t want, and cut out lots of heart shapes, in any size. Mine has eighteen hearts.
Line them all up vertically, and if you have a sewing machine then just feed them through it.  If, like me, your sewing machine is at your parents’ house and you are at university, a simple needle and thread will work fine.  Just make a stitch in each heart, connecting it to the next.
Hang it up.  I really want some Japanese masking tape but it’s too expensive and not locally available, so I just used blue tack, which I will cover with another heart (at some point)

You might want to make a dozen or so, they are pretty addictive, and so, so easy.
I think they’d look good with a bunch of them, all different lengths, hung up together.

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Stationery :)

I know I’ve blogged about this before, but I can’t help it…

I love stationery

Folksy (the British version of Etsy) has some fantastic stationery items.
I want to spend hundreds (okay, thousands) of pounds on all the beautiful items I look at for hours.
Some people are so talented.

Cute birdie stamps from Skull and Cross Buns

Beaut Christmas card from Canny Belle

Heart bookmarks by Asking For Trouble

Owl card and baby onesie cards from LoveMaisy

Adorable envelopes from Lily P Chic

Apple and pear card, and heart stickers from Little Bird Too

I’m so happy just looking at all of this!

P.S. I had my first Christmas coffee of the season yesterday :) Christmas in a cup never fails to make me smile.

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