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Friday night.

Making stock for my wee Folksy shop, with the help of…

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Heartstrings (Craft DIY)

A really easy, and practically free, Valentine’s decoration is a vertical heart garland, or a ‘heartstring’ as I’ve decided to call mine.

Get a magazine or a bunch of flyers that you don’t want, and cut out lots of heart shapes, in any size. Mine has eighteen hearts.
Line them all up vertically, and if you have a sewing machine then just feed them through it.  If, like me, your sewing machine is at your parents’ house and you are at university, a simple needle and thread will work fine.  Just make a stitch in each heart, connecting it to the next.
Hang it up.  I really want some Japanese masking tape but it’s too expensive and not locally available, so I just used blue tack, which I will cover with another heart (at some point)

You might want to make a dozen or so, they are pretty addictive, and so, so easy.
I think they’d look good with a bunch of them, all different lengths, hung up together.

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Notebook [Craft DIY]

I got this plain notebook from Paperchase a while ago…

… and after deliberating for quite some time about what to do with it, I decided to jazz it up a bit and give it as a Christmas gift…

(Those are the initials of the recipient)

Tie it up with a nice pen…

Easy peasy but cute :)

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Bottle cap magnets (DIY)

It’s December, it’s snowing, and as much as I hate to admit it, it’s becoming okay to start thinking about Christmas.
I really, really oppose Christmas decorations before December. Buying/making gifts in advance is perfectly fine, but Christmas music and decorations are not. It just creates a massively long build up that takes away the magic of actual Christmas.

Anyway, before I get called Scrooge (which happens daily around here, but let me assure you is not an accurate insult), it is officially December and therefore I feel content in posting the first of my Christmas handmade gift ideas.
This is a small one, which would be perfect for an addition to a present, a small Secret Santa gift, or whatever really; you don’t need me to tell you who to give gifts to!

I’ve seen bottle cap magnets on a few different blogs over the past few years, but I’ve never made my own until recently.
I didn’t follow any kind of tutorial, and therefore these instructions are very sketchy, but it worked for me…

1.  Gather together some bottle caps (I got mine in Dominoes, 50 for less than £2), some glue (I tried using a few different types of glue before settling with Mod Podge; other PVA type glues left a white ring around the edges), some craft paper, glittery things, and magnets (I used a roll of magnetic tape like this)

2.  Cut out circles of craft paper to fit inside the bottle cap and glue down.  Sprinkle in some sequins or glittery type things on top

3. Cover with a thin layer of Mod Podge and let it dry.  Add another few layers in this way until it is shiny.

4. Glue a magnet to the back using a glue gun or a strong glue like UHU or Bostik.

5. Let it all dry, then stack your cute little magnets up and tie with string (I neglected to get a photo of this when I made these for Jay’s birthday last month)

Here’s what not to do….

This glue will not work very well – it will leave a white ring around the outside, the whole thing won’t seal properly and it will generally look a bit rubbish.
My second attempt turned out much nicer I think…

Happy crafting!

It’s time for a Christmas coffee :)

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Jazzing up a planner (DIY)

This is Jay.
Jay seemed to think she could get through the entire year without an academic planner.
I asked her how she remembered everything we had to do; meetings, deadlines, homework, etc.
She said “I keep it all in my mind”, however this method wasn’t working very effectively…
Cue an idea in my mind…

1. Get an academic year planner/diary, obviously available anywhere

2. Use patterned craft paper to cover the front

3. Cut out a nice little shape and glue to the end of the bookmark thingy (this is a professional DIY, clearly)

4. Add little notes to make your recipient smile/remember important deadlines

That’s it :)

Now Jay doesn’t have to keep things in her actual mind, she writes them down in her Mind.


P.S. Happy Birthday Jay :)
(This was not her birthday present, I shall be sharing that soon!)

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Stationery :)

I know I’ve blogged about this before, but I can’t help it…

I love stationery

Folksy (the British version of Etsy) has some fantastic stationery items.
I want to spend hundreds (okay, thousands) of pounds on all the beautiful items I look at for hours.
Some people are so talented.

Cute birdie stamps from Skull and Cross Buns

Beaut Christmas card from Canny Belle

Heart bookmarks by Asking For Trouble

Owl card and baby onesie cards from LoveMaisy

Adorable envelopes from Lily P Chic

Apple and pear card, and heart stickers from Little Bird Too

I’m so happy just looking at all of this!

P.S. I had my first Christmas coffee of the season yesterday :) Christmas in a cup never fails to make me smile.

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Recipe book (DIY)

Remember my friends Rebecca and Phil who got married in the summer?
I can finally show you what I gave them for their wedding gift (they have only recently received it), which I made during my long, long summer.
Not having much money I deliberated for some time over what to get them, but in the end realised my best asset was my imagination, and decided to make them a recipe book with some of my personal favourite recipes (and some ‘donated’ by my relatives and friend Ruth).

This isn’t so much a DIY as a set of photos of my finished product – it’s pretty easy to see how I made it.

There were twelve recipes in the little book – eight savoury and four sweet.
[Jambalya, Macaroni Beef, Chicken & Veg Soup, Mexican Tostadas, Chicken Salad with Szechuan Peanut Sauce, Mushroom Risotto, Butternut Squash Soup, Lentil Curry, Waffle Berry Pudding, Flapjacks, Russian Raspberry Pudding and Fruit Crumble]
I packaged it up with two little heart-shaped Le Creuset casseroles,  in a cute box with a ribbon.

The materials I used were cardstock, craft paper, Starbucks sleeves, ribbon and letter stamps.
The colour of the cover of the book was chosen because that was the bridesmaids’ dress colour, aside from that I just sort of made it up as I went along.

My friend was able to deliver this to the happy couple a few weeks ago, and I am told they loved it (which is good because I made another one for a different set of friends who got married last month!)


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What a day.

Today was a crazy day here on A little bit of nonsense; I made Freshly Pressed!
My blog traffic doubled and I got more comments than I ever imagined.
Thank you to everyone for your kind words, you have made me feel so special and loved :)

I want to do a lot more mini DIY posts now, seeing as the general feedback was very positive.
I’ve got a busy week coming up, but I’ll try to post daily as usual, if I can.

I hate to post without a photo, so I’ll leave you with a photo of what I made my housemates to celebrate my blogging success…

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Scrabble tile push-pins (DIY)

Disclaimer: No board games or components were harmed in this craft.

I love words, I love letters and I really love Scrabble.
I also love stationery.
Put them together and what do you get?  Awesome push pins like these…

Step 1: Buy Scrabble tiles off eBay. [Please do not destroy a perfectly good Scrabble set, this is like blasphemy, or something.]

Step 2: Gather together push pins and a hot glue gun.

Step 3: Glue the pins to the back of the tiles…

Step 4: Make a million of them and give them to all your friends so they can spell out their names and pin stuff up.

I am such a nerd.

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