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Books I’m going to read this year.

I love books.
You knew that already though, right?
Since I started university in 2009, I have had barely any time to read books of my own choice; they have all been for my course.  As my graduation looms closer and closer, I am getting excited about all the books I can read because I want to, not because I have to.  However, I am glad that this course has pushed me to read books I would probably have never even considered picking up.  It can only be a good thing.
There are some books I have been wanting to read for ages, and I am hoping that by the end of 2012 I can add them to my book list (see the tab at the top of this page).

1.  One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.

I’ve seen a fantastic production of this novel at The Curve theatre in Leicester.  I’ve owned the book for about a year now; I bought it in a charity shop in Leeds, just haven’t had the time to read it yet.

2.  1984

This is one of those books I feel I should definitely have already read by now, but alas, I’ve never got around to it.

3.  The Help

I’ve had this book on my Kindle for months now, but again, uni reading has taken over.  I really look forward to this one, as I have heard great things.  I’ve not seen the film, as I hate to watch the movie before reading the book.  Sometimes I don’t stick to this rule (read on…)

4.  We Need To Talk About Kevin

Once again, I already own this book, but it’s gathering dust on my shelf.  I have seen the movie adaptation, and thought it was brilliant.  People who read the book first weren’t too impressed with the film though, so perhaps after reading the book I will feel differently.

5.  Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

I am very, very excited to read this book.  I’ve never read anything by Jonathan Safran Foer, but I have heard he is a brilliant author.  I really do not want to see the movie until I’ve read this book, so maybe it will get bumped up to number one on my list.

What books are you planning to read in 2012?

All photos from Google.co.uk
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Today I have been packing to head home for Christmas.  As you may, or may not, know, my parents live in an Internet-deprived area (hey government, what happened to that pledge to make sure all rural areas had access to the Internet?), which means no blogging from me for a couple of weeks.

This is what I’ll be reading over Christmas, it’s for one of my modules at university.  I’ve not heard great things about it, but I’m yet to start it so I’ll keep an open mind… for now.

I refilled this coffee mug many times.

Putting off packing; suitcase not even been opened yet at this stage.  Getting it out from the cupboard under the stairs was hard enough.

Listening to ‘Love Love Love’ by Avalanche City quite a few times.  It’s a lovely song, I recommend you listen to it.  I also recommend that you ignore my dirty laptop screen.

I made a last-minute costume for the murder mystery dinner my mum is hosting next week.  So excited!

Finally got around to packing.
After all that procrastinating busyness, I treated myself to a glass of wine and Love Actually.  It was wonderful.
I hope you have a fantastic Christmas :)  I, for one, am looking forward to an open fire, dancing with my sisters in the kitchen to the radio, bruschetta on Christmas Eve, hot Rekorderlig, and dragging someone out to play in the snow.

Naomi x

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What are you reading?

I am currently reading two books at once, both I am not enjoying but both must be read.
I am a little (a lot) behind with my reading for my module ‘Single Author Study’ (the author being H. G. Wells).
This is mainly because I have a lot of other work to do for my course, but also because these two books aren’t novels, they are something like a long long essay mixed with a fictional discussion type thing.

The first one is ‘A Modern Utopia’…













This book is so disappointing; I really felt it had so much potential, the whole concept is fascinating, but it just dies a horrible literary death.  If you’ve ever read Sir Thomas More’s ‘Utopia’, Wells’ version will be a big let down.

The second book is ‘The Shape of Things To Come’…














I can’t say too much about this book because I haven’t read enough of it yet, but it appears to be going the same way as the previous one.  There’s no dialogue in it (which is funny because in the other half of my degree I am learning about the importance of dialogue in writing), which makes it incredibly tedious to wade through.

I miss reading books out of choice, not for a module at uni.

What are you reading at the moment?

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Notebook [Craft DIY]

I got this plain notebook from Paperchase a while ago…

… and after deliberating for quite some time about what to do with it, I decided to jazz it up a bit and give it as a Christmas gift…

(Those are the initials of the recipient)

Tie it up with a nice pen…

Easy peasy but cute :)

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Jazzing up a planner (DIY)

This is Jay.
Jay seemed to think she could get through the entire year without an academic planner.
I asked her how she remembered everything we had to do; meetings, deadlines, homework, etc.
She said “I keep it all in my mind”, however this method wasn’t working very effectively…
Cue an idea in my mind…

1. Get an academic year planner/diary, obviously available anywhere

2. Use patterned craft paper to cover the front

3. Cut out a nice little shape and glue to the end of the bookmark thingy (this is a professional DIY, clearly)

4. Add little notes to make your recipient smile/remember important deadlines

That’s it :)

Now Jay doesn’t have to keep things in her actual mind, she writes them down in her Mind.


P.S. Happy Birthday Jay :)
(This was not her birthday present, I shall be sharing that soon!)

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Recipe book (DIY)

Remember my friends Rebecca and Phil who got married in the summer?
I can finally show you what I gave them for their wedding gift (they have only recently received it), which I made during my long, long summer.
Not having much money I deliberated for some time over what to get them, but in the end realised my best asset was my imagination, and decided to make them a recipe book with some of my personal favourite recipes (and some ‘donated’ by my relatives and friend Ruth).

This isn’t so much a DIY as a set of photos of my finished product – it’s pretty easy to see how I made it.

There were twelve recipes in the little book – eight savoury and four sweet.
[Jambalya, Macaroni Beef, Chicken & Veg Soup, Mexican Tostadas, Chicken Salad with Szechuan Peanut Sauce, Mushroom Risotto, Butternut Squash Soup, Lentil Curry, Waffle Berry Pudding, Flapjacks, Russian Raspberry Pudding and Fruit Crumble]
I packaged it up with two little heart-shaped Le Creuset casseroles,  in a cute box with a ribbon.

The materials I used were cardstock, craft paper, Starbucks sleeves, ribbon and letter stamps.
The colour of the cover of the book was chosen because that was the bridesmaids’ dress colour, aside from that I just sort of made it up as I went along.

My friend was able to deliver this to the happy couple a few weeks ago, and I am told they loved it (which is good because I made another one for a different set of friends who got married last month!)


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A jumble of things.

You probably don’t care, but here is a jumble of  random little things about me…

1.  I will be twenty-three on Thursday.  23.  Two three.  Kind of mid-twenties… I’m frightened.

2. My middle name is Joy.  I’ve never really loved it to be honest, because I felt like a let down in not being super joyful all the time, but I’ve come to realise that I am joyful, in my own way :)

3.  This semester I have to read a novel per week.  I have no idea how I’m going to manage that.  The first one is The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath, which I read two years ago and hated.  I’m three-quarters of the way through it this time and don’t hate it just so much.

4.  I made soda bread this morning.  (I told you this would be random)

5.  I just walked to the post box and it is like a ghost town outside.  There are protests and riots going on in the city centre today so we were all warned to stay away.  All the shops are shut up and no one is leaving their home, even though where I live is a mile outside of the main city centre.

6.  I went out with my university’s Irish Society on Thursday night and felt like a total interloper because I don’t speak a word of Irish.  Turns out most of the other members don’t either.

7.  I really wanted to make a pizza type thing for dinner with my fresh soda bread but because the shops are closed I couldn’t get any tomato puree :(

8.  I need to get a job but this is a slight problem because nowhere is hiring.  And also, I’m hoping to get the ‘job’ of News Editor (officially this time, yet still unpaid) for my university newspaper, and this will take up any spare moment of time I may find myself with in between reading a million books.

9.  I am listening to this album on repeat this week.

10.  I am ridiculously excited to get started on my media based project for my Writing & Context module.  When it’s finished I will hopefully be able to share it here.

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