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Whistler is a very active place.  People make full use of the mountains; in winter they ski and snowboard, and in summer they bike and hike.  There are trails made specifically for walkers/runners/cyclists so that no one has to travel at the side of the motorway.
Frequently walking past all these active people started to make me feel lazy.  I wanted to start doing something.  A few years ago I started running for a brief spell, then I moved to England for university and stopped.  Since I had done it before, and it didn’t require the purchase of any expensive equipment (aside from proper shoes), I decided to take up running again, only ‘for real’ this time.


This is the first pair of proper running shoes I’ve owned, and wow, it really makes a difference.  It’s a bit of an upfront cost, but it’s definitely worth investing in a pair of proper runners that are designed to support your feet and ankles.


I started out with no real plan.  I just jogged/ran for as long as I could and then slowed down to a walk until I felt able to go faster again.  If you follow me on Instagram (@njmarcus), you may have noticed that a lot of my photos lately have been around Lost Lake.  This area is perfect for running because there are no vehicles, just cyclists, walkers and runners.  Plus, it’s a beautiful area.


I have to go running first thing, otherwise I won’t go.  It’s never a good idea to head out on an empty stomach, but at the same time it’s unwise to exercise with a full stomach.  I’ve found that, for me, the perfect thing is a small glass of fresh smoothie.  I blend a banana, a handful of strawberries, some orange juice and soy milk.  Or a few slices of peach, or fresh mango, or apple, or grapes.  Or whatever I have in the fridge that morning.
I like to set off about half an hour after I’ve had my smoothie, so in that in-between time I get dressed into my running gear, and set out my clothes for the day so when I get home I can just hop in the shower then get ready.


After about three or four weeks of just running, somewhat aimlessly, I decided I needed more structure, and maybe something to aim for.  I’ve said (mainly to myself) for quite a while that I want to run a marathon some day, but it’s gone no further than me thinking that.  To be honest, it’s something I’ve thought would be awesome to do, but at the same time I knew I could never actually do.
I read quite a few health and fitness blogs, and I read Katie’s post about surprising her sister by turning up to run a half marathon with her.  Then I flicked through some other posts on her blog, and saw all these other people posting their accomplishments and achievements, and something in me just clicked and I thought maybe I could do this.  But not on my own.


I mulled it over while I ran by the lake that morning, and by the time I got back, I decided to look into races I could possibly enter.  The first one I found was the Whistler Half Marathon, which is happening this weekend.  Uh, yeah, I’m not quite ready for that.  I knew that for any type of race, no matter how short, I needed time to prepare and train.  So anyway, I searched and searched, and finally found a 5k in Ireland in October.  I don’t think I’ve mentioned this, but I’m going to be back home for the whole of October (to be my big sister’s Maid of Honour, woo!), and so I pitched it to my family to see if anyone would run it with me, and virtually train with me.  Turns out my family are an easily led bunch ;)  Even my dad agreed to run.


5 kilometres may seem like nothing to some people, but to me it is huge.  I’ve never done something like this before, so while I am excited, I am pretty nervous.

Since the decision has been made, I’ve started the Couch to 5k training program, which promises to have me ready to run 5k in nine weeks.  I’m at the end of week one, so I have a long way to go, but I am so happy to be actively (excuse the pun) doing something about this dream.  Right now I feel like I am walking more than I am running, but as the saying goes, you don’t have to go fast, you just have to go.


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Thailand [1]

You know my brother Joel? Well, of course you don’t, but you may remember my post about his leaving party a year ago. In this post, I mentioned that I was unlikely to get to go and visit him while he was away on the Logos Hope ship for two years.  Well, thanks to an unexpected tax rebate, I was able to join my mum and sister in going to visit him in Thailand. Due to some complications, we weren’t able to see him as early as we’d hoped, and so you won’t see any photos of him until I’m well through posting them all chronologically.
It was amazing.  Such a beautiful country that has recovered remarkably well from the tsunami in 2004.  The people are so friendly; I really mean that. I know that is said that a lot about people from other countries, but the Thai people were so welcoming and kind to us, and very tolerant of our Thai vocabulary (I can say two words… “hello” and “thank you”. Shameful when most of them have fluent English).

It would take me a year to share all of the photos I took, so I’ll just share a fraction of them in chunks over the next while.

Who wouldn’t want this as their local Post Office?

We ordered take-away one night. I say ‘we’, but I mean ‘Suzie’. We have no idea what food we ate that night… but it definitely wasn’t what we ordered!

A chilling reminder – read closely.

It’s going to take ages to get through all these photos….

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1, 2, 3.

Did you notice anything in these photographs?
Perhaps you noticed that I (desperately) need to clean that mirror.  Or that I need to lose weight (reference photo #1 where I am wearing gym attire… if you can make it out).
Or maybe you noticed my beautiful, shiny new camera…

Oh, I love it.
It’s a Nikon D3000, and it’s my first ‘proper’ camera.  It came with an 18-55mm lens, which seems to be perfect for a beginner like me.  It’s going to take me a long time to figure it all out and get to know it, but I love love love it :)  Any hints or tips are much appreciated as I’m in for a steep learning curve, and I want to be as comfortable as possible with this camera before I head off to Thailand in three weeks (yes, I am really going to Thailand!)

Thank you to JNE for continued sponsorship ;)
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