Job hunting, hiking and persevering.

Hello :)
I made some blog changes, what do you think?
I did it all myself, and now I need to stop fiddling with it before I mess it up again.
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We’ve been in Whistler about a week and a half now.  We don’t have an apartment yet, nor do we have jobs.  Apparently we are here ‘too early’; the ski season doesn’t start for another month yet, so most places aren’t hiring just yet.  We’re still trying though!  We have set up bank accounts though. And got our social insurance numbers. So not entirely unproductive.
We have viewed seven (I think) places to live, and I’ve definitely hit my saturation point with that.  Getting our apartment in Leicester has definitely spoiled us – it was cheap, a good size for us, perfect location, etc.  I learned pretty fast that nothing here is cheap.  Nothing.  One or two places are possibilities, but we’ll keep looking just in case.

We’ve been doing a lot of walking and exploring while we can, before the snow comes and before we get jobs.

Walking down the piste into Creekside.

Those are friends we met at our hostel, Adam and Joe.

I look so happy here because I was more than relieved to be standing there – we had just hiked in the scorching heat to ask about job vacancies on the mountain, only to be turned away, and I was exhausted (and becoming convinced we’d never make it back down again)

The weather has been better than we’d ever get in Britain in the summer.  The temperature does drop a lot at night though.

That’s really all I have to report today.  Here’s a last photo of me on a cooler day, hoping to avoid bears in the woods.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!
I will post photos soon about our first thanksgiving.  See you then :)

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One thought on “Job hunting, hiking and persevering.

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