The final leg.

This evening we’re flying to Belfast for the final leg of our See You Later Tour.
We’ve had a lovely time in Leeds (despite the rain and my leaky shoes).

We went to Viva Cuba last night for tapas and it was fantastic.  My two favourite dishes were Piquillos al Gratin (red peppers with mashed potato and cheese, like a gratin), and, surprisingly, Tortilla de Espinacas (potato and spinach omlette type thing.  It didn’t taste eggy at all, which was why I liked it, haha).
That quote in the photo was written on a chalkboard on the wall outside the restaurant.  So very true.

I got some new owl socks, which I rather like.

We played a ‘friendly’ game of Scrabble (which means we couldn’t be bothered to keep score, which was just as well judging by my poor letters there)

We took Lily to school.

And we got our first Canadian dollars (thanks Darren and Kim!)

Time to re-pack my suitcase for the hundredth time.  I won’t have Internet at my mum and dad’s, so this could be the last blog post on this side!


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