Packing up again.

I feel like all I’ve done for the past six months is pack all my belongings and unpack them again.  Oh, and get rid of loads of my stuff.  I hate doing that; it’s really difficult for me to part with things, no matter how small or trivial they may seem.  Everything has a memory, a connection, a reason that it came into my possession.  However, we have only got 20kg of checked luggage each for our flight to Vancouver, so I have had to get rid of a lot.
We are almost done with the chucking-stuff-out and packing stage, and I am really looking forward to that being behind us (for the time being, I know the whole unpacking and refilling a home thing is on the way soon).  The day after tomorrow, we leave Leicester, where we have lived (both separately and together) for three years.  I will miss it, but it’s really not the same place now that most of our friends have moved on after university.  Working full time in a city is not the same as living a student lifestyle in a city.
We are spending a few days up north with Jay’s mum, then a few days with her dad, and then we fly over to NI to spend our last few days with my family.  Then we’ll fly to Gatwick from Belfast, spend an entire day in the airport, and then that evening we will fly to Vancouver.  Eeeek!

I don’t really have any new photos to share since I’ve been so busy trying to sort everything out.  But I have been Instagramming every day (I am so happy Instagram is available on Android now!)

1. Making my shirt for our Euros-themed night at work (my designated country was Ireland, ha)
2. Where did they even get our details from? (My name is N. Marcus, not M. Marquez!)
3. Pretty retro cinema in Manchester.
4. Steph and I looking like somewhat less than sisters.
5. I drove that van from the Midlands to Yorkshire.  Why yes, I am very proud of that.
6. Hiding from the rain in a coffee shop and writing letters.
7. Unable to resist the cheeses at the market.
8. Have you tried this ‘barista style’ instant coffee?  It’s actually really good.
9. Jay space-hopping.

1. Boats in Youghal harbour (Co. Cork)
2. Genius company name.
3. Arguments Yard in Whitby.
4. Jay loves horses. I prefer to keep my distance.
5. Whitby beach.
6. The boat we took a sea trip on.
7. Whitby harbour.
8. The Victorian tram line down to the beach in Scarborough.  It costs 70p each way, and lasts about fifteen seconds.
9. I cut dairy to see if it would help my eczema (it didn’t, but now I’m quite fond of soya milk)

1. Making soda bread.
2. Getting educated before we go.
3. A rainy day.
4. Jay was very proud of her first ever pie.
5. Making spelt bread.
6. My sister Steph came to visit, so we went for cocktails :)
7. Jay and Steph, just chilling on the windowsill.
8. Chalkboard musings.
9. My last day of work was a slow one, so I spent some time making Gary a nice coffee.

Do you Instagram?  I am @njmarcus, feel free to follow me :)

I’m off to bed; I think I am coming down with a cold (and it’s 3am).  I would have my trusty hot water with honey and lemon, but the cupboards are empty (I have no honey, no lemon, no kettle and no mugs).  Not fun!

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