More excuses.

Here I go, apologising for another long break from blogging.
I moved out of my shared house, into a lovely wee apartment with Jay.  It is really really lovely, and we even have a pool/gym/sauna in the building.  Snazzy.
Anyway, despite all its loveliness, we have no Internet or TV.  The TV I can live without no problem, but the Internet is another story.  I am struggling, friends.
I am currently sitting in The Slug & Lettuce (where Jay works) trying to make my cup of coffee last as long as possible while I use the free WiFi to download some programmes on iPlayer, get some more music on Spotify, check my email, and blog.
I forgot to bring my memory card to edit photos, so all I have to share are my latest Instagrams.

While packing up to move, I found every copy of The Demon (my university’s newspaper) that I’ve written for (and been News Editor of).  When I took the photo it seemed like a lot less than it looked like in person, but either way, that’s a lot of work right there.

The view from our new apartment.

A rainy morning after a late night at work, so the only answer was coffee in bed.

I finally got around to starting this book.

Tomato and mozzarella stacks I made for our mini-flatwarming.

Preparing a brie & grape salad.  Yum yum.

Grape & apple pasta salad.  I will be posting my recipe for this soon.  I also started a new hashtag with this photo – #adventuresinweightloss – to try and be more accountable for what I eat.  I post so many photos of food in Instagram, so I’m hoping to use this hashtag to encourage myself (and others) to be honest about what I’m eating.  I need a swift kick to get back into healthy eating!  Feel free to join me with using this hashtag :)

Canal boats on the Soar River.  One of my favourite things :)

Not bad for having ‘nothing in the fridge’.

Happy Tuesday!

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