Photo dump.

I’ve been crazy busy lately.  The day after I handed in my dissertation, I started working full time in a bar-restaurant, and I feel like I haven’t sat down since.  I’m currently on a split shift, and realised my poor blog has been seriously neglected. So while I soak my feet in a basin of hot water, here are some of my recent Instagrams :)

Making apple sauce & veggie fajita prep.

Homemade salsa & vine tomatoes.

Making a strawberry milkshake & the first sun in weeks.

Getting my vitamins the fun way & juice in a jar.

Cocktails after work & baking lemon slices.

Raspberries & the finished lemon slices.

Sewing burp cloths for some friends who had babies recently.

My pin cushion & a birthday present for my little sister.

Summer flowers & my post-work, pre-bed snack.

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As seen above, the majority of my uploads are photos of food.  An accurate reflection of my spare time, I feel.
See you soon!


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