After the disappointment of a no-snow Christmas, we finally got some.  Quite a lot actually.  About six weeks late.

Boots and furry hat on; time to go outside. Tori was obviously too excited, and forgot to put on a coat.

The river was frozen over (you can just see it behind the bridge railings).  It looked amazing, but I felt sorry for the swans and ducks.  Turns out they were happy enough; when I walked over the bridge the next morning they were sitting on top of the ice.

It was so nice to see people out in the park.  In the summer, this park is hiving with students lying on blankets and playing music.


This photo reminded me of one I took in Chicago three years ago (below).  Immediately I realise there is no comparison, haha…


I have no idea why Jay is sitting in the middle of the road.

Apologies for all the photos being grainy and dark; by the time I woke up the next day it wasn’t nearly as nice looking.
And now, another 24 hours later, it is mostly grey slush :(

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2 thoughts on “Snow.

  1. PamPam says:

    so so lovely!

  2. PamPam says:

    New name for you……. JetsetJoy, Chicago, Thailand, Paris, um does Ballyvaddy count?

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