Christmas 2011.

I’m back!  How was your Christmas?  Mine was great, although we had no snow.  None at all.  It was weird, and in that sense it didn’t feel like Christmas.  In every other way we definitely had the festive spirit though.

Christmassy socks :)

The last puppy (I named her Pudding). She licked her lips so fast that you can just see the ghost of her tongue in this shot.

We became quite attached.  Then someone called, paid for her, and took her away :(

Opening presents on Christmas morning.

Dad gave Mum a telescope.

My lovely Bridgewater mug from Granny.


We went for a walk in Glenarm Forest.

Mum and Jay.


My name-place from the Murder Mystery dinner. So fun!


Ballintoy Harbour.  It’s amazing in stormy weather.

Love this photo of Suzie and Mum.

It was extremely cold.

Rainbow :)

Photos cannot even begin to do justice to how amazing it was.

It was so hard to keep taking photos because the constant sea spray was fogging up my lens. And also I was battling not to fall over in the crazy winds.

My beautiful mama.


That’s all I’ve got.  Not many actual Christmas photos, but sure :)

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