Today I have been packing to head home for Christmas.  As you may, or may not, know, my parents live in an Internet-deprived area (hey government, what happened to that pledge to make sure all rural areas had access to the Internet?), which means no blogging from me for a couple of weeks.

This is what I’ll be reading over Christmas, it’s for one of my modules at university.  I’ve not heard great things about it, but I’m yet to start it so I’ll keep an open mind… for now.

I refilled this coffee mug many times.

Putting off packing; suitcase not even been opened yet at this stage.  Getting it out from the cupboard under the stairs was hard enough.

Listening to ‘Love Love Love’ by Avalanche City quite a few times.  It’s a lovely song, I recommend you listen to it.  I also recommend that you ignore my dirty laptop screen.

I made a last-minute costume for the murder mystery dinner my mum is hosting next week.  So excited!

Finally got around to packing.
After all that procrastinating busyness, I treated myself to a glass of wine and Love Actually.  It was wonderful.
I hope you have a fantastic Christmas :)  I, for one, am looking forward to an open fire, dancing with my sisters in the kitchen to the radio, bruschetta on Christmas Eve, hot Rekorderlig, and dragging someone out to play in the snow.

Naomi x

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