Making teabags.

I saw this post quite a while ago, and it’s been on my DIY board on Pinterest ever since.  I’m not actually a tea-drinker myself, but I loved the idea of making my own teabags.  Then I decided to put together a little mini hamper for Jay’s mum for Christmas, and knew these would be perfect to include.
I part-followed Amanda’s tutorial, and did some things my own way, too.

1.  Cut up a coffee filter into whatever shape you think appropriate. I thought triangles would work well.  My filters were already doubled over; if yours aren’t then just cut two and place one of top of the other.

2.  Sew along two sides, the ‘V’ sides.

3.  Fill the little pouch with as much loose leaf tea as you like; I used about one and a half teaspoons.  Just make sure to not overfill, or the next step will be hard.

4. Sew along the top

5.  Using a long piece of coloured thread, doubled over twice (so folded four times), hand sew several strong stitches, and leave the end trailing out the top (wow, I am so eloquent at describing this).  Amanda’s tutorial says to staple the thread on, but I wasn’t too keen on the idea of a metal staple soaking in boiling water, and that water then being drunk.

6.  Cut up some scraps of card, craft paper or old book pages, to use as tags at the end of the thread.

7.  Glue the end of the thread between two tags

You’re done!
I made loads with different coloured threads, and packaged them in a glass jar.

So easy, and I think they look much nicer than shop-bought teabags :)

I also added some Green&Blacks chocolate to the basket, and changed the lid of the jar to a fabric cover :)

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