Paris [finishing up]

I’m just going to finish up with a few stragglers from the Paris photos, then that’s it, and we can move on, okay?

Outside the Centre du Pompidou, some kind of kids water featurey type thing.

Awesome graffiti.

La Pagode – a tiny independent cinema.  We saw ‘Le Monde de Barney’ (which was in English with French subtitles).  It was terrible, haha.

That’s me, in the Japanese tea garden at the theatre.

French Post Offices are weird.  You just throw your outgoing mail into a big basket that anyone has access to… how is this secure?!

We hired bicycles on our last day.  It was terrifying having to use the opposite side of the road.  We are lucky to be alive.

Dinner on the balcony :)

The last photo I took, at the airport.

It was an amazing holiday, and when I look at photos of us wearing tank tops at 10pm at the top of the Arc de Triomphe, I don’t understand how we weren’t freezing.  It is bitter here now!

Have a great weekend :)

[Edit: I updated my ‘Who Am I?’ page, at long, long last.  Now I just need to change my header; it’s been the same for like a year and a half.  I’d actually love a blog re-design… who do I know with skills?]

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