My birthday present.

I am finally getting around to showing you what I got for my birthday last month.
My mum suggested that her and my dad buy me a new sewing machine, because the small one I had broke during the summer, and I was still borrowing my friend Lucy’s machine.  I had a better idea; I wanted my mum’s old sewing machine.  Mum wasn’t sure where it was, as it was hers when she was a teenager, and she hadn’t seen it in years.  It was eventually located at my Auntie Naomi’s house [my namesake :)], and my grandparents had it fixed up and shipped over to me.  Apparently the man in the sewing-machine-fixing-shop said it is in excellent condition, and is better than a Singer!  Maybe because it is Japanese?
It was so exciting opening up the big box, especially as I had never seen the sewing machine before.

Frister Rossman, Model 503.

It took me a few weeks to find the time to sit down and work it all out.  Particularly difficult was working out how to load the lower bobbin, as I’ve only ever used top-loading bobbins.  I actually cut my hand on more than one occasion (obviously I was doing it all wrong, very wrong).  After paying rather too much money to download the manual for the machine, I still could not load the lower bobbin.  When I found this video I almost cried with happiness.

The offending bobbin, now loaded and ready to go.

There are still things I am working out about the machine, but I absolutely love it.  Every time I use it, I think of my mum using it as a teenager, which makes it so much more special to me.

Here are a few things I have made using it so far…

A wash bag (part of Jay’s birthday present)

Fabric-covered notebook.

Pencil case.  This was my first attempt at sewing a zip, and I’m pretty pleased with how it came out.


Two gift bags (sorry for bad photos, in each case I was about to leave to give the person the present and realised I hadn’t taken a photo!)

Again, a terrible photo, but I made that top :)

I now have to make sure I balance my time properly, otherwise I’d spend all my time sewing, and never do any uni work!

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