More Paris photographs.

It is freezing outside today, and I stupidly went out without a coat.  So, while I warm up in bed with a mug of coffee, here are some more photos from when Jay and I went to Paris… in September.

We went to the Pere Lachaise Cemetery one (really hot) day.  It is massive, and took us ages to walk around, even though we only had a few graves we wanted to see.
Jim Morrison from The Doors is buried there, but his grave is cordoned off due to crazy fans stealing bits of it.  Any hard surface nearby was covered in graffiti dedicated to him.

Oscar Wilde’s grave, horribly defaced by people wanting to thank him for his work.

Marcel Proust – a seemingly lesser known author.  I studied his work briefly last year.

After the graveyard, we headed to the Pont Des Arts, a bridge where people attach padlocks and then throw the key into the river and make a wish.

Writing on a padlock.

We then took the metro out to dodgier parts of town (not knowing it was dodgy until we got there though)

Then we decided it would look better at night, so made our way to a coffee shop until the sun went down.

Back on the metro…

… to the Arc de Triomphe.

We got in for free because we are under 25 and citizens of the EU.  Very surprising, as nothing in Paris is free, or even reasonably priced!


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