Photos from Paris.

I am still alive (just about, anyway).  Final year of university is hectic; I did know this in advance but it has been more heavy than I anticipated.
Anyway, I still have tons of photos from Paris that I never shared, so I’m just going to bombard you with some of those today.  Enjoy :)

Jay at the Louvre.  We didn’t go in to the actual museum because the queue was ridiculous, and we didn’t care that much about the Mona Lisa (perhaps if it had been free we would have cared more, haha)

I said “Do something funny”

Everywhere we went we saw people with baguettes, just casually eating them on the metro or walking down the street.  I was so excited to go to a boulangerie and get a baguette for lunch.  We sat down in the Tuileries and had lunch… and almost froze, haha.

It was beautiful though.

I think she was trying to touch the leaves…?

Not even posed, I was just leaning on this thing while Jay took some photos of the gardens.  When I walked away my back was covered in white dust.  I have no idea what the ‘thing’ is though, does anyone know?

Trying to work out how to get to a metro station.

Notre Dame.

You can see me at the bottom there.
You weren’t supposed to take photos inside, but everybody was doing it anyway.  I did take some but it was so dark that they just didn’t come out well.  Then evening mass started, so I put my camera away.  I couldn’t believe how many people sat down to watch mass as if it was an entertainment show and took photos of the priest.

Apparently I am the image of my mum in this photo.  Some of my friends, and Facebook face recognition thought so (anyone else find that recognition thing really creepy? I hate it!)

Made in China.

Outside the Centre du Pompidou.  This is where my phone got stolen a few days later, as I sat exactly like this.  (So yes, I had my phone stolen twice this summer)

Inside an exhibition.  Not really sure what it was all about but it was cool to climb inside and walk around, instead of the usual ‘Do Not Cross the Barrier.  Do Not Touch’.

This one was about global warming.  I love globes, so this fascinated me.

By this point we were pretty exhausted, as we’d been up since that morning, and done loads of walking.  So we headed back to the hotel, but stopped off at the Louvre to see it lit up-


Have a great weekend :)

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