Burp Cloths Tutorial

A couple of months ago my sister’s best friend gave birth to a gorgeous little boy.  I wanted to send something, but I knew they’d be buried under with babygrows and tiny socks, so I decided to make something myself.  Not being very proficient on the sewing machine, I went for something pretty easy, but still cute – burp cloths.
So I decided to do a tutorial for them, because I couldn’t find one that I liked when I was making mine.
Here goes…

1.  You will need:

Sewing machine (you could do this by hand, but my hand-sewing is actually disgraceful, and I’m lazy)
Fabric – see point 2
Measuring tape
Scissors (you probably want a decent pair of scissors, but this is all I had available at the time, and it shows!)
Co-ordinating thread (not pictured)

2. The fabric I used was cotton for the top, and muslin for the bottom.

I made three burp cloths; two yellow and one blue.
This tutorial will give directions for one cloth, just to keep it easy.

3. Measure and cut out two pieces of 30cm x 45cm – one from the muslin, and one from the patterned cotton.

4.  Pin right sides together (although if your fabric is like mine there will be no ‘right side’, woohoo)

You probably want to iron your fabric, not like lazy me.

5. You are now going to sew all around the edges, but before you do, mark a gap of about 7 or 8cm on one of the short sides (for turning right-side-out later)

6. Sew along all sides, starting at one side of your gap. Backstitch here, and at the end, so your stitches don’t come out when you turn it right-side-out

What’s that? Your sides don’t match up 100% equally either? Not to worry, you can trim them once you’re done sewing.

7. Okay, now you need to clip your corners. This is the step I always forget, and then wonder why my corners aren’t sitting nicely.  When it came to taking a photo for this part, my camera had a little panic attack, and would not focus.  I’ll post the photo anyway, because when I was a total beginner, I had no idea what ‘clip your corners’ meant.

8. Turn your cloth right-side-out through the little gap you left.  Using a chopstick, or something similar, poke out the corners.  Iron it to get it nice and smooth and flattened out.

Not shown is the moment my sewing machine broke, and I wanted to throw it out the window, but instead called my friend Lucy and borrowed her fantastic machine.

9. Topstitch all around.  This not only closes the turning gap, but also makes your cloth look neat and finished.
If the idea of topstitching frightens you like it did me, fear not!  It’s actually not that scary, but I used to be worried that my wobbly stitching would ruin the whole thing.  Just practice on some scrap material, then go for it :)
[For more on topstitching, go here.]

10. You’re done!  I ironed my cloths again at this point, just to neaten them up before sending them off.

So easy, and a really cute and useful gift for any new parent.

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2 thoughts on “Burp Cloths Tutorial

  1. barbraabf says:

    This tutorial was interesting…its a great gift idea to new moms…

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