Paris [1: Eiffel Tower]

I can’t lie; I’m getting a little bored of fighting with the Thailand photos.  I haven’t finished editing and sorting them, but I have got all my Paris photos done, so I’m going to share those today :)

View from our hotel balcony.


The metro was one of our favourite things! So much nicer and less crazy than the London Underground.

We got to the Eiffel Tower on our first day and could not believe the queue for the lift. People must have been waiting about three hours. The queue for the stairs, however… well actually there was no queue. I can’t lie, it was pretty exhausting, but it felt good once we got up there.

View from the first floor.


View from the second floor.

It was pretty windy!
So once you get up to the second floor (and remember how to breathe again), if you want to go on up to the very top you have to pay extra to get up there in a lift. I didn’t realise how much further there was to go until I saw this sign –

It’s really high up!

The walk back down was much easier than the hike up.



We came back that night to see the Tower all lit up. It was amazing.

Loved it.

Have a great weekend :)

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