Summer thus far.

Winning at poker having been taught how to play thirty minutes prior. (No money involved, purely for fun)

Making the most of the sun in my tiny yard (ignore the weird shadows from the washing line and myself)

Painting a plate at the Pot’n’Kettle in Beeston.

Sitting out Oblivion at Alton Towers because I was actually about to throw up from all the upside-downy rides we’d just been on.  Front row, to the very right is Alex (with his arms in the air), Jay to his left, and Steph next to her. We’re going to Alton Towers again at the end of July and I’ve promised to go on this ride when we do…

Bright flowers which make the living room a lot nicer :)


And lastly (for now), my little herb garden coming along really well.


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