Ever since I was a wee girl, I’ve always wanted to own a typewriter.
I remember asking my parents for one for Christmas and my birthday for years, but we had just got a PC, and Mum said I’d never use it.  Well, Mama, it’s been about eighteen years and I still want one (does this remind you of the lip piercing debacle? Haha, sorry Mum!).
When I get my own ‘proper’ place, (you know, when I grow up and have a Real Person’s job, etc) I want to collect old typewriters, but any time I see one I just want to buy it now.  It’d have to stay boxed up in the little storage cupboard under the stairs in my student house, which is why I’m holding off for now.












I love this 1950s one, the colour is so cute.











This Remington Portable was reportedly the preferred model of Agatha Christie.










Allen Ginsberg rocked this 1930s beauty.











I love this 1970s model in my favourite colour.


1920s Woodstock – big but fantastic.











Hello gorgeous!


If I owned one of these typewriters I would whack out a bestseller in no-time, right?


P.S. While searching online for these amazing typewriters, I came across this…

[Click photo for the how-to.  Really!]


How amazing is this necklace?


I have wanted this pendant for ages.

Okay, enough coveting :(  (for now….)

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2 thoughts on “Typewriters.

  1. PamPam says:

    ok ok missy I hear you!!
    So I love the idea of a collection of old typewriters and I will support that wholeheartedly………
    The lip piercing, well emmm I’m still hoping you’ll outgrow that one :)
    (even though I don’t really see it anymore!)
    Mind you I’m looking forward to seeing what it’s attached to very soon!! xx

  2. nerdinsider says:

    Reblogged this on nerdinsider.

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