T-shirt designing.

One night last week Tori and I watched The Runaways and decided we had to make our own t-shirt designs after Kristen Stewart/Joan Jett made her own Sex Pistols one using a rough cardboard template and spray paint.
We bought standard white t-shirts and spray paint from eBay (although it is car spray paint, so we’ll see how it works out after a few wears/washes…) and made our stencils from cereal boxes.
[All photos were taken on my phone, sorry for rubbish quality]

Recognise the quote?

Testing out the stencil before I dedicated it to fabric.

Very happy how it turned out… now on to the t-shirt!

Mine and Tori’s t-shirts. Although it may appear rude, Tori’s is merely a comical Northern Irish cultural slang term.

And another little comical nugget on the back…

Super duper happy with how it turned out :)

We worked out that each shirt only cost us about four or five quid.  Bargain!

P.S. The quote on my t-shirt is from this song

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