What are you reading?

I am currently reading Kipps by H.G. Wells.















It is for my Single Author Study module at uni, and it is taking me forever to get through.
It’s not too difficult to read, but it’s quite similar to Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, which I detest.
I have a hundred other things to keep up with for uni, so unfortunately reading gets pushed to the back of the To Do Queue.

I’m not exactly loving this novel, but I am glad to be doing this module, because I think it’s good to read works by famous authors that I wouldn’t read otherwise.  The entire module is on H.G. Wells, so the other texts are A Modern Utopia, Ann Veronica, The Country of the Blind and The Shape of Things To Come.

What are you reading at the moment?

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4 thoughts on “What are you reading?

  1. amandajenner says:

    I’m reading Catch 22, and am struggling, each chapter is about a different character and so I don’t really care about what happens next. Have to read it for my challenge though. If you’re interested in following my progress with the Book challenge, please read my blog at http://amandajenner.wordpress.com/
    BTW – Persevere with Kipps, I hated Great Expectations when I studied it but I have since read it again and it is now my favourite Dickens – bit of romance, scary graveyard scene, eccentric old lady, epic fire – all the essential ingredients of a great novel.

    • Naomi says:

      Ooh I’ve never read Catch 22, I must add it to my To-Read list.
      I have to persevere with Kipps, I have an assessment on it!
      Thanks for subscribing, I’m on my way to check out your blog now :) xx

  2. PamPam says:

    Jane Eyre! I last read it in school many moons ago and am totally loving it. Wish there was a book club nearby!

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