This looks like an innocent heart keyring, right?
Not so much.
It’s a rape alarm, and it works by pulling a tiny silver pin from the top of it, and then it emits an ear-piercing alarm which does not stop until the pin is replaced.
The other day I was leaving in a rush and pulled my keys from my coat pocket to lock the door, but the little heart stayed behind. The pin came with the keys.
I didn’t work this out, and thought that one of the alarms inside my house was going off.  So I unlocked the door and ran in, turning all the alarms off.  I couldn’t work out why the piercing screeching was following me through the house.
Once I worked it out, it became the most awkward, fumbling situation; trying to locate the tiny pin and get it back in to stop the infernal racket that was no doubt terrorising the neighbourhood six streets away.
Eventually it stopped.
No one came to my rescue though :\

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2 thoughts on “[5]

  1. H says:

    I’m still at odds with the idea of a rape alarm versus sarah dunant – treansgressions – when encountering a rapist get all erotic, seduce him, make him cry, stalk him and then lure him back to your house where you then get saved by a lady vicar.
    Hmmm which is the better option

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