A whole lot of nothing.

You know how I am the [co] News Editor of my university’s newspaper?
You can see the latest issue online (if you are interested).
Click here and have a wee read :)  (if you clickety click for a while you can see an awful photograph of me on the second page of Meet the Team)

I really want to make this comfort chicken

and this peach dessert

and this Christmassy hot chocolate

followed by a movie and this peppermint popcorn

But alas, I have an assignment to do :(

Blog posts seem so dull without a photo, so here is one I took on my phone on my way home from uni the other day…

Maybe it’s not that funny, but I found it hilarious (except for the bad grammar, that is never a joke!)

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One thought on “A whole lot of nothing.

  1. PamPam says:

    Haha hilarious! Wouldn’t mind the car tho..

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