Bottle cap magnets (DIY)

It’s December, it’s snowing, and as much as I hate to admit it, it’s becoming okay to start thinking about Christmas.
I really, really oppose Christmas decorations before December. Buying/making gifts in advance is perfectly fine, but Christmas music and decorations are not. It just creates a massively long build up that takes away the magic of actual Christmas.

Anyway, before I get called Scrooge (which happens daily around here, but let me assure you is not an accurate insult), it is officially December and therefore I feel content in posting the first of my Christmas handmade gift ideas.
This is a small one, which would be perfect for an addition to a present, a small Secret Santa gift, or whatever really; you don’t need me to tell you who to give gifts to!

I’ve seen bottle cap magnets on a few different blogs over the past few years, but I’ve never made my own until recently.
I didn’t follow any kind of tutorial, and therefore these instructions are very sketchy, but it worked for me…

1.  Gather together some bottle caps (I got mine in Dominoes, 50 for less than £2), some glue (I tried using a few different types of glue before settling with Mod Podge; other PVA type glues left a white ring around the edges), some craft paper, glittery things, and magnets (I used a roll of magnetic tape like this)

2.  Cut out circles of craft paper to fit inside the bottle cap and glue down.  Sprinkle in some sequins or glittery type things on top

3. Cover with a thin layer of Mod Podge and let it dry.  Add another few layers in this way until it is shiny.

4. Glue a magnet to the back using a glue gun or a strong glue like UHU or Bostik.

5. Let it all dry, then stack your cute little magnets up and tie with string (I neglected to get a photo of this when I made these for Jay’s birthday last month)

Here’s what not to do….

This glue will not work very well – it will leave a white ring around the outside, the whole thing won’t seal properly and it will generally look a bit rubbish.
My second attempt turned out much nicer I think…

Happy crafting!

It’s time for a Christmas coffee :)

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