I made it back to Leicester with no problems.  It was very very very cold when I stepped off the bus, but thankfully the snow had stopped (it has since restarted but I don’t mind, now I can enjoy it for its prettiness and not worry about travelling… for a few weeks).

I had a brilliant time with my mum and Steph, and was very sad to leave them both.
Time for photographic evidence of a good time had by all…

Mum and me at the Christmas lights exhibits in Leicester – if you’re new to my blog you’ll soon learn that stupid posed photos are my family’s ‘thing’!

On our way to Manchester – excited to see Steph soon!

Shopping and Manchester Christmas markets

Steph and Mum at breakfast at The Deaf Institute (breakfast was fantastic by the way)

The bathroom walls were covered in graffiti, it adds to the atmosphere of the place, so I helped out.

Just before we went our separate ways :(

When Mum got to the airport we discovered that one of the two airports in Belfast had cancelled its flights, and another airport not far from home had also closed.  Thankfully the one Mum was flying to stayed open and she got home, albeit a little late.

Thanks for an awesome weekend Mum and Steph, I had such a good time :)

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One thought on “Weekend.

  1. PamPam says:

    This is great Nomi. Wish we were still there! Thanks for hospitality too! xx

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