Jazzing up a planner (DIY)

This is Jay.
Jay seemed to think she could get through the entire year without an academic planner.
I asked her how she remembered everything we had to do; meetings, deadlines, homework, etc.
She said “I keep it all in my mind”, however this method wasn’t working very effectively…
Cue an idea in my mind…

1. Get an academic year planner/diary, obviously available anywhere

2. Use patterned craft paper to cover the front

3. Cut out a nice little shape and glue to the end of the bookmark thingy (this is a professional DIY, clearly)

4. Add little notes to make your recipient smile/remember important deadlines

That’s it :)

Now Jay doesn’t have to keep things in her actual mind, she writes them down in her Mind.


P.S. Happy Birthday Jay :)
(This was not her birthday present, I shall be sharing that soon!)

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