Keeping warm.

Wow, when I said it was cold yesterday, I had no idea what today would be like.
I hate being cold, and I hate being hot. I am one of those in-between people.
So when I’m finding ways to keep warm in winter, I have to keep a balance so I don’t overheat and get stressed out.

Student houses are notoriously cold; I remember my sister getting really ill over the Winter in her student house, and my friend phoning me one night and hardly being able to talk because she was so cold.
We (students) tend to have no money and therefore can’t afford to put the heating on.

Thankfully, my house hasn’t been overly cold (so far); we do put the heating on. But as Winter sets in and it becomes cold all day, every day, we won’t be doing that. So here are some things I do to keep warm, student style…

1. Blankets. I love blankets. Especially fleecy ones. They are so cosy and warm and huggy, sitting on the sofa watching TV or reading a book, all wrapped up. I’ve got one round me right now, a nice green one from Ikea, see…

2.  Hot drinks. A good cup of coffee will warm you up instantly.  Or tea (if you must…), or hot chocolate, or hot water with honey and lemon.  Cold drinks, especially with ice in, cool you down instantly, and will make you cold for ages.
I love holding a big mug to warm up my hands :)

3.  Hot food. Yes, this is different to number two, just because it is.  Hot bowls of food are so good!  And so comforting; similar to holding a mug of coffee, having a bowl of something hot and yum in your lap is unbeatable.
My personal favourite is lentil and vegetable curry.  It is so easy to make, and pretty inexpensive too.  I made some last night, but I don’t have a photo, and none of the images I’ve seen online look like the one I make.  Guess I’ll have to do a recipe post soon, woo!

4.  Layers. As uncomfortable as it might sound, layering up is the best way to get warm and stay warm.  I lived in a caravan for three years, through three very cold winters (the water in the toilet bowl and the gas in the pipes would freeze daily), and no amount of electrical heaters would keep us warm.  Layers were the only way to keep warm, and the amount of clothes I used to wear to bed is actually ridiculous.  Tights, leggings, fleecy pyjama bottoms, tracksuit bottoms, vest top, long sleeve top, fleecy pyjama top, knitted sweater, hoodie, 3 pairs of bed socks, a hat and gloves.  Plus my electric blanket, hot water bottle (I know, I know, bad combination…), three blankets and a double duvet.  And I was still cold. It was bad.

5.  Hot water bottles. I love these.  They stay warm for ages, you can have loads of them and not feel bad, plus you can get some really cool ones:

[These ones are from Folksy, except the one with the link watermark, which is available from that link I assume]





I’ve heard lately of people putting clingfilm over their windows to keep heat in, I’m not sure how effective that is, but I’m hoping Winter 2010 isn’t bad enough for me to resort to that.

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3 thoughts on “Keeping warm.

  1. Stalky McStalkerton says:

    Love the pic of you wrapped up in a blanket! ha.

    • Naomi says:

      Haha, thanks, I think it looks like I have a black eye though! (that was my makeup running from all the laughing you made me do this afternoon) xx

  2. PamPam says:

    you made me laugh with the caravan stuff. Tears were running down my face but I can’t work out if they were happy or just plain old horrible ‘don’t make me remember those days’ ones….

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