Om nom nom (Mini DIY)

Are you sick of hearing me talk about food?  Bad news guys; get used to it.

Tonight I was able to make the soda bread pizza thing I mentioned on my last post.  I can’t lie, it was beaut. And seriously, so so simple, I feel like I’m insulting you to even post these instructions.

Here’s what I did…

Gather together your soda bread (pictured is the flour I used to make it because the ones I made weren’t exactly shaped like bakery ones…), tomato puree, herbs, black pepper, cheese, cooked chicken, fresh tomatoes, and sweetcorn.  Arrange them on your worktop to take a photo… oh wait, that’s just big nerdy me.

Slice the soda farl in half and spread tomato puree on both sides.  Sprinkle the herbs on top and then the fresh tomato, chopped up quite small.  It’s good if you get the juice on it too.  Then throw on your chicken, sweetcorn and cheese, and put some black pepper on top.  If you don’t do it in this order it won’t taste right.  (Does my sarcasm come across in my blog or do I seem arrogant/stupid all the time?)

Put them into the oven on a baking tray at whatever heat you happened to set your oven to when lighting it.  Lift them out when the cheese is melted and the edges of the bread are starting to brown.  Enjoy, yum yum yum.

Now I command you to go and try it with different ingredients and then get back to me so I can try it your way :)

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2 thoughts on “Om nom nom (Mini DIY)

  1. Lou says:

    yummm! you made the soda bread and everything!? i would have been lazy at that point!

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