Joel’s leaving party.

My older brother, Joel, is leaving next week to join the Logos Hope ship for two years.  A few weeks ago we had a weekend of parties at our house so that all our family and friends could get a chance to hang out and see Joel before he goes.

We hung up a globe so that Joel could show everyone the parts of the world he’ll be travelling to.

In keeping with a sea theme, I set up this message-in-a-bottle thing. Joel’s going to take all the messages with him and read one a month while he’s away.

I’ve been dying to make one of these for ages! We didn’t need any condiments so I used it for cutlery instead.

Serve-yourself popcorn and little paper cones.

These strawberries dipped in white and milk chocolate (from my Auntie Naomi) were gorgeous.

The top ones are carrot cake, middle are shark cupcakes and the bottom are chocolate fudge.

All of my siblings and two of our friends.

It was a brilliant weekend, and it was so good to see all my family, but every time I remembered the reason we were all there together it made me sad.  Joel doesn’t get home at all during his time away, and unless I fly out to see him at some point on his route (not likely for a student like me!) I won’t see him for two years :(

Thank you to everyone who came, it meant a lot to me and my family to have you all there :)


One thought on “Joel’s leaving party.

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