Cranny Falls.

My car has been at the mechanic’s for almost two weeks, I’ve been going a little bit crazy stuck at home on my own. But he called last night to say I could pick it up, so I’m going tonight to get it. Can’t wait! (She still needs to pass the MOT, get taxed and insured, but sshhhhhh…)

Earlier this week my mum and I took a picnic to Cranny Falls, it’s a walk through the countryside up to a small waterfall, but if you venture off the path you can find the site of empty stone cottages from the days when the lime quarry was in business.  My dad’s mum lived there as a child, and I wanted to see if we could find her old house.  I don’t have any photos of the houses because my battery died right after we ate lunch, but I fully intend to go back and take a million photos.  It turns out that the house my Granny M lived in is actually still inhabited; while the other cottages were left to disintegrate, hers was the one reserved for the Quarry Foreman (which was her father at the time, circa 1930s), and so it is still lived in.  Kind of disappointing, as I’d hoped to be able to go inside and have a look around at an old ramshackle stone cottage.  The reason we figured this out was because we met a man and his wife also walking around with their dogs, and he knew everything about the history of the area, the quarry, mining, what happened there during the war, how the Germans had a peat business in full force until the war began and they had to leave.  It turns out that this man was born just down the road from our farm, and he knows my grandparents really well.  Couldn’t believe it!

I only got two half-decent photos before my camera battery died;

Mum and me at the waterfall (hidden behind Mum’s head)

There was no one around to take a photo so my camera was sitting precariously on a rock for this.
(And yes, my mum is wearing my uni hoodie.  Don’t think I’m getting it back, she loves it)

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