I know I am a huge nerd for this, but I love stationery.  I have a thing about it, I just fully love it.
I own countless notebooks that I haven’t ever used, probably because I buy them when I have no actual need for them.
I have tons of Sharpies, Stabilo Fineliners, Crayola markers, and biros.

Aside from my craft supplies (which are at home, so no use to me here at uni), I keep a stock of card, envelopes, cards, paper, and postcards.  If any of these things gets used or is running low, I have to replace it.
Some people love buying shoes, bags, collectibles, or whatever.  For me, it’s stationery.

I guess this makes it easy for people when it comes to my birthday and Christmas.

It’s an addiction.


2 thoughts on “Stationery.

  1. PamPam says:

    I could think of worse addictions…

    Stick with this one JoyJoy xxx

  2. Diwa says:

    I had a love affair with stationery when I was a kid up until high school. I’d horde cute ones printed in Korea and Japan and stash them away. My mother almost chopped off a portion of my daily pocket money because of my addiction!

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