A month on.

It’s a month since I made a proper entry, oh my!  Easter at home was great; it was awesome to see my friends and have the usual, ridiculous banter with my family. I was supposed to fly back to Leicester on April 17th, but with the flight madness, I ended up having to get a ferry, coach, bus, train and taxi to get back on the following Tuesday.  It wasn’t fun; I was travel sick for much of the journey, but I’m grateful I had that option whereas loads of people were actually stranded abroad.  Getting back four days later than planned had me really stressed out, as I had an essay due on the Friday, and another the following Monday.  I got them done though, two assignments in five days, oh yeah!

P.S. Today is my older sister’s birthday. I hope you have a great year Suzie :)

Happy Birthday! Love you Suz xx


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