Rugby, packing & going home.

I’m going home (Northern Ireland) tomorrow for three weeks, and I haven’t begun packing yet.  My suitcase is still under the bed.  Of course it’s a much better idea for me to be on here than packing my stuff.

I seriously cannot believe my second semester is over.  When I come back in April I have two weeks of classes, then two exams, then I’m done with fresher year.  Um… what?!

I’m looking forward to seeing my mum; she’s not been too well the past few months.  I also cannot wait to see my dogs and all the little lambs being born at home right now.  Oh and the rest of my family too, of course.

I went to two rugby matches on Wednesday night for the first time ever (I’ve never even watched a game on TV before), and to my total surprise I was able to follow it, and despite my university teams losing both games, I had an awesome time (except for two idiots sitting behind me being really rude and ignorant.)

I took this photo with my phone using the panoramic setting I never knew I had:

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One thought on “Rugby, packing & going home.

  1. PamPam says:

    Great photo Joyjoy and love that you put me first in the see you soon category!!
    So now you are home, enjoy the lie ins while I’m at work cos next week there’ll be one or two things to do!!

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